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Lincoln weldanpower code 8551 16hp B&S


My welder starts and will idle for about2 min. then stops will start right away again the high idle switch doesn't work either if I play with the idler paddle I can keep it running a little longer everything else seems to work I can strike an arc and run a bead but the idle doesn't change. I can't find a shop in the Portland area that works on them so I was hoping to find some one here who might have any ideas

John in Maryland

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It's probably just a bad connection somewhere. I have a G8000 that lost all output. I was able to find a burnt connector. I replace it and pulled and cleaned every other connector I could find. It also would get stuck on high idle sometimes. Since repairing and cleaning the connectors it's worked fine. Sounds like the carb has some dirt in it as well. Does it sit outside? There could be water in the gas. You should be able to get a manual off the Lincoln web site if need be.

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There is a Lincoln specific forum over on weldingweb, with some very helpful people that can help you sort it out. I've got two of the WeldanPower AC225/DC210 units with the 16hp briggs on them.