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Lincoln weldanpower with B&S 16hp


I have a Lincoln weldanpower 225 G7 with a B&S I/C Twin II 16 in my shop for repairs. It came in, would not crank ( dead battery ) . Charged battery and noticed it was not geeting fuel. Rebulit pump with kit from B&S. I can get it to idle and run on high idle,but when I load bank it will shut down. the auto idle seems to be working. I can get it close but I have to back the idle mixture screw all the way out. What am I missing?

K D Redd

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Does this engine have a fixed high speed jet. If so, I have found, with the Briggs Flat-Twins that are in mowers, when the engine has some age on it they need a little richer high speed mixture. Have you tried running it with the choke about half closed? When they run like this I drill out the main jet about three sizes. I check the jets current size with my NUMBERED drill bit. I then drill the jet two sizes bigger and check how the engine runs. I normally have to go one size larger than this for a total of three sizes larger. The 10% ethanol in the gasoline does not help the lean mixture situation either.


Andrew Mackey

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Check the intake manifold gaskets, carb mount, and the throttle shaft as well. A worn throttle shaft will cause transition problems. Have a look at the intake valve guides, if worn the engine will suck air from the block, leaning out the mixture, especially at higher speeds. Check valve clearances!