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Lindsay 80-WC with Wisconsin VG4D1

Slim tech

Bought this tow behind Lindsay 80-WC with Wisconsin VG4D1 air compressor at an auction the other day and ask now trying to find more information out on it.

Haven't gotten it to start yet, no spark to the plug.

Looking for any parts or service manuals that might be out there? Would really like a PDF file I could print off.

Also looking for any pictures of what they looked like when first manufactured, would like to get this one dressed up a bit.

Anyone know the specs on this model?

The owner of it was onsite at the auction and told me that he had used it last year after purchasing it from the company he used to work for.

Any help or input would be much appreciated!


Slim tech

Here’s a couple brochures I have. Your exact model is not listed on either one, but yours should be comparable to the 80-H, I would think.
Right on, thank you for those. I downloaded them, that will at the least help me with decals. Just need to get it running now before I go any further.

Andrew Mackey

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If compression is good, check the points and condenser. If it uses an automotive coil, make sure it is getting power. Check the distributer or mag cap for carbon tracking, as well as the rotor. Make sure that the spark plug wires are wire core - such as Packard 440. NO carbon core (modern auto wire). Make sure the ignition switch is good. On a battery and coil system, it will open the ignition circuit to kill the engine. If magneto - it will short the primary to stop the engine. look for a safety kill like low oil switch as well