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Line Shaft Woodworking Shop Video

Bob Willman

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At 1:05, 4:55 & 7:01 there is a red engine. The view at 4:55 looks like a vertical steam engine judging from the piping to the engine but I do not see a belt in this view. There appears to be a pulley near the ceiling that lines up with the engine pulley.



I have went and toured the shop. pretty amazing setup. Be careful if you are tall though. I felt like I was going to be scalped with all the belts. He has a vertical steam engine that can run it, but has an electric motor just to use when its for himself. The steam engine he fires when he shows it off.

Pete LaBelle

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True........there is a 3phase motor behind the wall. The steam engine is there, but the boiler he has is insufficient to keep it running, plus it's a whole new level of stuff to keep track of.

Bob's a nice guy, a very talented woodworker, and his happy to show off his shop to those who appreciate such things. His shop is about 20 minutes away from me, and I have brought several tours out there over the years.