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Lionel/Pride Lines Mickey Mouse Train

Mike Patterson

I hope it's ok if I post this here. Over the last summer I inherited a 1930s era Lionel Mickey Mouse Circus Train (or what was left of it). It had been a Christmas present to my mom from her dad and granddad sometime in the mid 1930s. According to mom her dad and granddad spent a couple of days showing her how to play with it before they turned her loose with it LOL.

20180304_073732 by M Patterson, on Flickr

It's missing the tender with the Mickey Mouse figure but I'm ok with that. The thing that's missing I would really like to find is the wind up motor that would fit the engine.

lt1 by M Patterson, on Flickr

This is what the engine would have looked like when it was new,

PL by M Patterson, on Flickr

I don't really care if the motor works or not, I'd just like it so I can display the train at Christmas time. So far I haven't had any luck finding a motor or a parts engine, so if anybody has a lead on one I really appreciate it.

Big Bird

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Re: Lionel/Pride Lines Micky Mouse Train.

I hate to say it ... But e bay is your answer.
You can find a running one with a crusty body pretty cheap if you look around.

Mike Patterson

Figured I'd post an update to this. Mom passed a couple of months after I started this thread.

Over the summer/fall I kept looking for a motor for the engine and finally found one that would fit it. The motor is a Marx's and doesn't work but is sized right for the engine and will do until I can find a correct one. I also found a correct tender car that has about the same amount of wear as the rest of the set.

DT1 by M Patterson, on Flickr

So I made my goal of having it ready to put out this Christmas........and my youngest Grandson is fascinated by it so it brings a smile to both of us.

MM by M Patterson, on Flickr
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I've always thought that there must have some connection between those two toy makers( Marx and Lionel) on this little toy. The similarities are so close that they are almost the same toy engine offered by both makers. As stated above you can find them on Ebay, along with many others of the period.
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