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Lister Diesel Engine, first time Hauling on Trailer


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Hi, I've just bought a house and am going to haul it 100 km (65 miles)on a trailer that I once used to haul a Smart fortwo a short distance, 3 miles, so I think it should be Ok for the Lister.I've hauled large lawn mowers on it as well.

It's a VA 7.5 mounted on a steel trolley, steel wheels and a ST gen head.
All up weight 1100 pounds. The trolley adds about 10" to the height.

I was thinking of cribbing the wheels using 2x4's screwed to the deck, boxing them in... and arranging a method to lock the wheels....a bar or similar and a lot of big ratchet straps to keep the engine from tipping.

I don't know if I should center the engine over the trailer wheels as most of the motion should be up/down or....towards the nose of the trailer as this would place it as close to the tow vehicle as practical?

I've hauled stuff before but nothing quite like this.

Norm W

Re: Lister Diesel, first time hauling on trailer.

Without tongue weight the trailer will be unstable. With the weight you are talking, about 1600-2000 lbs, figuring a 900 lbs trailer, you should have about 150 to 200 lbs of weight on the hitch. Most of the restraining of the load should be to keep it from coming forward. You have more stop power than go power and you don't want to be wearing the load if you make a quick stop. Blocking the wheels and securing front, back, and side to side will keep the load from moving.


Any chance you can load it and then remove the wheels to lower the center of gravity? A VA is a fairly top heavy beast when raised on wheels. Would hate to see it take a dive. Regards,