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Lister engine dating please?


Hi all,

I have just picked up a couple Listers and have been through various forums and web sites trying to date them without much luck. ....maybe I am being particularly thick today!

The first is: LISTER D, No. 8931 OH5 (or CH5? hard to read the first letter), 2HP at 1000 RPM. it is a petrol engine.
The second is: LISTER, No. 278008, Spec. A31TK, 3HP at 650 RPM, it is also petrol. I think it is an 'A' type but am not sure.

If anyone can help out with the year of manufacture of either, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, Norman.


Hi Norman,
Your Lister D (8931) The OH5/CH5?? should be DH5 was built in 1955.
Lister 278008 was built in 1951. It should be Tank cooled (T) and Kerosene (K) fuel

Hope this helps

Best wishes, jayvee


Hi pjjms and jayvee,

Thanks for your quick replies and for the dating info, it is much appreciated.

Have a great day, Cheers, Norman.