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Lister SR3 generator


My project is a Lister SR3 generator/light plant. The generator end is where I am having problems due to it being rather obsolete. The generator is made by "Brush Electrical Engineering Company Limited",,,Loughborough England. The information tag reads as follows. Brush Alternator, KV- 11,, PF-1,,mc# 2/55453---7,, RPM-1800,,HZ-60,,Frame SCAP 320,,AC Volts- 110-115,, AC Amps- 95.5,,PH- 1,,Rating- CMR,,Max Ambient Temp- 40,,PC Max Alt- 3300 feet,,Rotor Insul- E,,Stator Insul- E,,Conn Drag- E9840256,,Engine Start- 24v.,,Charge Volts- 37 ,,Amps- 2,,Max Shunt Reg- 3,,Ohms Max Amps-9,, BS- 2613/57,,,,I really need a proper manual with an electrical wiring diagram in order to put this unit back together. I bought it partly for down , but fortunately the wires are numbered well from the factory. A source for parts is difficult for me to find. I have searched online using every heading possible, but it seems near impossible to find any leads. Any help from members would be appreciated. Yours truly; Cal