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looking for hit and miss engine at Jacktown show next week!

is anyone going to Jacktown summer show next week? i will be there. I am 13. i am looking to buy my first hit and miss engine. if anyone has any engines for sale to bring to the show i will be interested i will be camping up there all 3 days and showing my restored maytag engine with my buddy and his engine collection. cant wait for the show
see you fellers at the friendly show in the Grove.


Andrew Mackey

Hi Matt, welcome to the hobby! I will be there Saturday and sunday, in the kitchen until10AM. I am sure there will be engines there for sale, there always are. What you need to figure out is what you need and how much you have to spend. Dont just jump on the first one you see. Condition is everything. You can buy a restorable engine, ready to run, or you can buy a fixer-upper, for 1/2 the cost for the same engine. As a biginner, I would go for either a hercules or stover. Not too pricey and easy to get parts for. If you dont nescessarily need hit and miss, a Fairbanks Morse is relatively cheap (if there is such a thing), and also is easy to get parts for. If you go for a repairable engine, stay away from one that has had the mag taken off and sold away. A replacement mag can cost 300 or more, if it is missing.

What sixe engine are you looking for? As a 13 year old, I suspect thet 11/2 to 2 HP would be a good starting point, as anything biger may be too heavy for you to move. I talk from experiance, my first engine was a Fairbanks morse 11/2, and i bought that when I was 11. My next engine was a Stover KA 11/2 HP, at 17. My third engine was a 5 HP hercules, and at 780 pounds, I had to invest in a winch to move it! Start small and work your way up, you will be glad you did. You can doas I did, buy an engine, enjoy it for a while, sell it and move onto the next project. i have learned a otover the years!

Enjoy the hobby! If you want, look me up in the morning, in JTs kitchen. We can talk in person, and I can give you pointers, and help you look over a prospective purchase if you want.
Thanks andrew i am looking for something smaller. As you said 1 12 2hp. I like stover ,sandwich, galloway and united engines i will stop by the kitchen saturday morning. To talk to you a bit more. Thanks again!


Hi Matt, I am a fellow teen that is new to the hobby. I agree with Andrew. I’d also recommend starting with a 1 1/2hp. My first and currently only engine is a Economy 1 1/2hp. When looking at engines try to get one on a cart. I’m 17 and 1 1/2hp is plenty for me. I would like to get a 2-3hp next tho. I’ll be at Jacktown as well. I’ll see if I can make it up Saturday morning.


Someone has a Stover for $850. Appears to be in good condition. Don’t remember what size.