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Looking for some info on a Paul Breisch Olds...


I recently purchased a 1/2 Scale Paul Breisch Olds Engine at an auction. I'll first admit I know very little about these engines outside of the few hours of research I did before the auction. Howeber, I had a feeling this was a pretty nice one with some cool extras. Apparently the individual who built/owned used to take it to a lot of shows so maybe someone here knew him.

Included with the engine was a folder of plans, notes, and black and white photos I believe are from shows. An unexpected surprise was a hand written letter from Paul Breisch dated 1975. So I would guess it was built in 75/76. Also included was a battery box, some accessories, and a nice metal carrying case.

I was told that it runs, but who knows if that's true. I'd like to try and get it going but I'll need to educate myself some more before I can do that.

Anyways, id really appreciate any insights you all could give me. I'd also like to get some idea what it's valued/worth. I have some more questions but I'll hold off for now.


Link to photos:

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I have no idea how this ended up here. I was in the scale builders forum I thought ��