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M Type Petter Oil Problem

Hi to all i am currently restoring a early Mtype petter 5hp
with a cast oil container that drip feeds to the bottom end just doing a check over and it appears to blow oil back up the tube so is this engine supposed to have a non return valve of some sought any advice appreciated .



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Re: M type petter oil problem

Oil line dosent go in the front like that, thats the crankcase drain plug. Oil line goes into the hole in the top of reed valve plate on the back and.just drips in and oil gets sucked in with the air flow
Re: M type petter oil problem

thank you very much mick i will have alook soon that is where it was when i picked up the engine also any idea approx how many drips does it need per minute. thanks.


I run my engines at 10 drops / minute. At the moment we are not driving anything so they just tick over at low rpm. If that sounds excessive I don't mind or charge for 'weed control'.