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Machine shop area upgrade plans for threshing show Blacksmith shop

Pete Spaco

This post almost fits in the recent "Blacksmith shops of the past" thread, and it could fit in the "you just don't see these anymore" line shaft post.
But, anyway, as you will see, this blacksmith shop used to have an active member who kept the machine tool area going and did some real nice demonstrations. I don't know what happened to him, but after he left, the machine area simply became a "catch-all". But recently we have started to revive that half of the shop and those activities and plans are what this video is about:

Pete Stanaitis

Joel Sanderson

Pete, I don't recommend putting the line shaft directly over the machines you want to run. Each machine will need a countershaft over it, so you'll need a belt going from that to the line shaft. Some machines can go directly to the line, like the camelback if it still has its tight and lose pulleys, but that mill and shaper both need countershafts, so they can't be directly underneath the line.

What kind of shaper is it? It looks like it has square ways, and so did the Smith and Mills, which is what one of my shapers is. If your is a Smith and Mills too and you need pictures of mine's mechanism to recreate it, let me know and I'll send them to you.

That press would go well in the blacksmith area if anyone wanted to learn to use it. A press can do anything a power hammer can do. On the other hand, if you're getting rid of it, please be kind and let a blacksmith have it. I wish you were closer, because I'd like to have another, and that one looks a bit bigger than the one I have; but Minnesota's a long drive for me.