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Magnetic engine net

Paul Spence

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Sure is neat :confused: , BUT, all those other YouTube links :crazy: keep me from doing :uhoh: what I'm supposed to be doing :shrug: , like.............


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Search youtube for Joseph Newman and his magnetic motor. You'll still be just as confused but entertained. I've never seen these things create any useable energy except to keep themselves spinning. :bonk:

If you need some free energy laughs: http://www.youtube.com/user/chuck2na actually just put "free energy" in the youtube search and you'll have days of entertainment. :rotfl:

Elden DuRand

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Variations on the "magnetic engine" idea have been around for decades. They are touted as some kind of wonder machines that make more energy than they consume. Sadly, Physics dictates that, even at their best, they will eventually slow and stop due to their own friction losses.:bs:

Remember the three basic rules of Thermodynamics:
1: You can't win.
2: You can't break even.
3: You can't lose.


Take care - Elden:wave:

Ronald E. McClellan

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Joseph Newman and his Energy Machine was making money in the mid 80's selling books claiming that his machine would make more electricity than the energy put into it. He was in the news and on TV. It was all sideshow BS. I haven't heard of him til now. Interesting , but don't get taken. Ron