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Magneto Charger


Hi does any one have plans for a simple 12v magneto magnet charger as doing things myself is always more rewarding than just sending parts away to someone else? cheers Robbie

Ronald E. McClellan

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Thanks John , those are the best plans that I've seen. The coils are 10" lg. and 5" dia. It uses a total of 30 lbs of wire (.0453" dia) 161.29 feet per pound =4838.7 feet. The other chargers that I've seen skimp on the iron and copper for an inferior unit. The same goes for the low tension coils. The original coils had a lot of iron and copper. They put it in for a reason! Ron


I made a charger many years ago for some Wico EK magnets. Lots of data on the web but basically you need 20,000 or so amp turns and a steel core large enough so as to not saturate. Folks want you to believe you need a charger with 30 lbs of wire and a weight of 100 lbs. No so.

For old style magnets such as the old Wico magnets then shoot for 20,000 amp turns with at least 2 inch diameter cores. How you get there is up to you. I used 2 inch cores although 3 inch cores may have been better. To get the 20,000 amp turns I used 600 feet of 18 gauge magnet wire wound in 6 coils all connected in parallel. Allowing for a slight voltage drop, I still should get approximately 21,000 amp turns from a 12 volt car battery.
The advantage of larger wire is less heat. The old style chargers could run all day charging magnetos. Mine will do 20 or so in a row before needing to stop and cool. If you are wanting to charge magneto magnets all day the go with a bigger style. Otherwise, smaller wire will work just the same. It is the amp turns not the diameter of the wire that is important.

Another option is to spend $20 on two supermagnets, counter sunk holes, and use those. You do not need an electromagnet to charge another magnet, an n50 magnet will certainly charge the old style iron magnets