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Magneto Service Manuals - changed url


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Over the Easter break we added a large section of American Bosch magneto manuals for the Series U, ZR and impulse couplings.

This coincided with a major revamp of the site as we were getting into problems with directory sizes and listings for the 'PetrolStuff' folder.

The new layout has:

Old Carbs
Modern Carbs
Plugs and Oil Seals

- all in separate folders with their own icon on the main menu. The Plugs and Seals section is not finished yet but the others are running. The main menu page has been upgraded as well.

If anyone has bookmarked a magneto, carb or seal page, please note that it will not be there anymore and you will have to revisit the site to get the new url. All other bookmarks will be the same if they are outside these four subject matters.

Main site url: http://www.oldengine.org/members/diesel