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Mannum Auction 26th March 2020


Hi All,
Another one ... although 5 months away.


Thursday 26th March 2020
1958 Aveling Barford Roller
1960 Aveling Barford GA MK3 roller
1958 Barford GB3 Roller
1938 Case L
1950 Case LA
1964 Case 830
1958 Case 900
1952 Chamberlain 60DA
1950 Chamberlain 40K
1956 Chamberlain 6G
1956 Chamberlain 6G
1963 Chamberlain 9G
1963 Chamberlain 9G with Robot loader
1959 Chamberlain Super 70, twin air cleaners
1963 Chamberlain Super 90
1960 Chamberlain Countryman Meadows Diesel
1957 Cockshutt 50 Delux
1956 David Brown 25
1958 David Brown 900
1964 David Brown 880 Selectamatic
1952 Davleco 32TD roller
1963 Fiat 411R
1964 Fiat 411R
1968 Fiat 650
1952 Fiat 24C crawler
1950 Fiat 24CD crawler
1947 Field Marshall Series 1
1930's Fordson N60
1950 Fordson P6
1946 Ferguson TE20
1937 International W30
1959 International AWD6
1949 International Farmall A
1952 International Farmall A with picking platform
1957 International AW6 Fowler crane
1963 International B414
1950's International BTD6 Crawler
1961 John Deere 730
1960 John Deere 830
1970 John Deere 2020
1963 John Deere 4010
1957 Lanz Bulldog R
1956 Nutfield 4-60
1942 Allis Chalmers WC road grader
1950's Fordson Major N27 with Moore cable loader
1950's Fordson Major N27, low range gearbox
1950’s Fordson Major N27 with high speed gearbox
1950's Fordson N27
1950 Hanamag R40
Nuffield 4/65
1958 Massey Harris 745
Circa 1950's Massey Harris 44K
1966 Massey Fergusson 1100
Massey Harris 745 + saw bench
1946 Oliver 80 Loader
1947 Oliver 80 Loader
1960 Porsche 219 tractor
1937 Twin City ZTE
1953 Twin City UTS

1937 Chevrolet sedan - Rebuilt motor (1985) - Club registered
1952 Holden FX sedan - Narrow rear spring Knee Action shocks
1953 Ford Zephyr - Mark 1 - Not registered
1990 Nissan Maxima J30 - Not registered
1948 Chevrolet ute - Not registered
1958 Ford Zephyr ute - Mark 11
1996 Nissan Maxima A32 - Registered
1955 Peugot 203 sedan
Ford Zephyr Mark 11 - Zodiac
1948 Chevrolet Ute, wreck & parts
1937 Chevrolet Sedan - Knee Action front end
Holden Monaro HZ front fenders/bonnet
Mazda 4 cylinder diesel engine & 5 speed gear box
6 Sets various tyres & rims
3 Sets mag wheels, 207/75R/15, BMW 20” 315/35/R20
Mini Cooper mag wheel set

Power Farming magazine collection 1931 - 1972
Treadle Singer sewing machine
Salter scales
Wool scales Avery
Koertz wool press, complete with working folding floor
Falcon engine various
Howard "Gem" rotary hoe
Dodge Q engine
2 x Reel mowers
Bedford engine
Horwood Bagshaw 3HP engine
3 x Old pumps
Horwood Bagshaw super spreader (trailer mount)
Antique hand operated valve grinders
Alpha Laval Electric Seperator

Inter 725SP header 20ft comb
International 725 header gear box
250 Bag field bin w/- auger
David Brown 12 x 20 disc harrow 3PL Model 103
BE-GE Auto reversable plough 3PL MRP2
Sunshine 18 tyne overhead draft scarifier
Inter 2-11 29 tyne scarifier
Inter 6-2 24R seeder
Wiles 20R seeder
Howard AR 60 3PL rotary hoe
Page 8ft trailing slasher
Blueline single tyne 3PL ripper
Ellis single tyne 3PL ripper
Coolaman 13 leaf harrows
Blueline 3PL rear end bucket
Britstand trailing grader blade
Offset disc plough
Single furrow ploughs
John Deere sickle bar mower Model 39
Massey Ferguson 512 bale loader
East Brother hay elevator
Leon 3PL backhoe Model E250
SP walk behind vibrating roller
Honda portable jetting plant
Blueline hammermill with silo chutes
711 Inter header W/- 310 diesel motor
XP88 David Shearer SP header w/- 354 Perkins motor
Chamberlain 20 disc plough – Yellow Model
125 CFT rotary compressor w/- 270D Perkins motor, w/- jackhammer & machinery cleaning lance
Sunshine PTO header
Various tyne Assemblies – Bourgault – Morris – Flexicoil – Horwood Bagshaw.
Truck chassis tilt grain trailer
Massey Ferguson 531 sickle bar
Air-O-Flow PTO air compressor

Robin 3000PSI pressure cleaner
Engine stand & engine lifter
Old steel wheel
Lincoln Selfwelder
Metal lathe
3PL jib crane
Band saw (Lee Bancro)
10 x dog chains
Greenfeed cutter
Hobby lathe
Cig/Mig welder
Bench lathe 550ml bed
Electric B & D valve grinder
Lincoln 225 welder/generator Wisconsin powered
Dozer blade
Sickle bar knife sharpener
Hercus hand valve grinder
Glass panels – Gason, Chamberlain, Case
EMF spot welder
Wheel trolley
Various tools
3 x blacksmith vice
Vehicle body straightener
Pallet trolley
Robin Trash Pump PTG 305 (New)
Bucketmaster vacuum wet/dry cleaner
3 hydraulic rams
B & S electric start 5HP motor
Ward turret Lathe 8ft Bed

John Deere 21HP 48" lawn tractor hydro stat drive, LX 88
John Deere 14PB 21" lawn mowers
2 x 40' containers
300Ltr tree watering trailer
Various lawn mowers & garden edger
Various pine posts
Various garden tools
Various points & shears
Rheem dual chamber fuel tank, 500 gall
Teagle 3PL spreader
Wooden trailer, Ford wheels
Old baths
Old cast iron fate post, Bayliss & Co London
Chamberlain type 40 K
Chamberlain 40 K chassis & back, no motor
Chamberlain 40 K parts
Fordson Major, diesel, 3PL
Flatbed tandem trailer hurdles & cage, 15’x8’
Yanmar diesel boat motor
Bondwood Boat, on trailer
Stone bucket
John Deere parts
Massey weight transfer system
Underbody TE20 Massey sickle
Crop lifters
International header comb
Fordson N27 parts
McCormick International tractor
Magnadyne gen set
Massey Ferguson 512 hay bale pick-up
International 710 PTO header

Net Cash
EFTPOS Available

For more information contact
Colin Fawcett 0417 867035
Office 08 8568 2201
Landmark Fawcett Livestock


Hi All,
Due to the COVID-19 hysteria, this auction has been closed to the public.
In its place will be a "Letter of Offer" Similar to "for sale by tender" I guess :boxing:
From what I gleaned from the Auction House concerned; These details are still in their infancy and not definite.
Interested buyers will have the opportunity to inspect lots of interest by inspecting via arrangement with the vendor between 26th March and 5p.m. 2nd April.
If interested in purchasing obtain "Letter of Offer" from vendor (direct) or Auction House (Landmark Fawcett) via internet as well as I think Farm Clearing Sales (farmclearingsales.com.au) Complete and return.
At close of date, vendor & auctioneers will then sit down and process offers tendered, and
Good luck with your offer.

Hopefully all the above will become clearer over the next couple of days.

If vendors contact details are required, I'll PM them to you.

Any questions please direct them to either the vendor or Auction house concerned.

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Hope I can fit this all in
I am unable to find the "clickable link" :uhoh:

Due to COVID-19 Health Protocols, this sale will no longer be an on-site auction.

Instead, the sale will be conducted remotely by Letters of Offer.

Forms are available from the Agent.

The Selling Agent will receive offers for individual lots:

commencing Thursday 26th March 2020


closing on Thursday 2nd April at 5pm

more details below.

The Clearing Sale on behalf of T & R Eckermann at 190 Flood Rd, Mannum SA 5238 will proceed in the following format with easy steps to follow;

1. Go to view photos and you will notice each Photo has a lot number, please scroll down to find the lot number(s) you are interested in.

2. Bids will be via a written letter of offer from this website by a clickable link or from the agent and vendor.

3. Should you wish to inspect any lots please contact the vendor for a viewing. His number is displayed at the base of this page.

4. Fill out your letter of offer and forward it via the methods described within the letter.

5. Best of luck with your purchases and please put in your best offer.

6. Following the closure date of 2nd April 2020 you will be notified of the results of your lot(s).

For more information contact

Vendor, Trevor Eckermann 0488 480868


Colin Fawcett 0417 867035

Office 08 8568 2201

Landmark Fawcett Livestock