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Mars Gas Pump


I hope this is the right forum to put this, if not sorry. I bought this from a Western Kansas farmer who's father bought it in the 1920s, he thought new but was not positive. They guy's dad had purchased Huber tractor's and was using it as a farm gas pump. It does have a mechenism for measuring so I suppose it may have been sold for commercial use also, maybe a store for Kerosene? Anyway, Google has really let me down so if anyone could give me any information I would really appreciate it. The cast iron part is broken but there so I could tack weld the back, the rest including doors are all there but could use some body work. There is evendince of dark orange or light red paint under door lips and such but the main body is galvanized under it. Really, a nozzle and hose is all I will have to find. Thanks for any help.