Matching a AM starter , 4 kohler 5 E marine generator


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DB & Pats small engine parts have hundreds of after market for almost every small engine
Salesperson was trying too help but could not find a AM starter that would work with the Kohler # I supplied
Kohler data sheet it indicates Bendix auto starter, no number ?
Generator is the Kohler 5 E water cooled marine generator
Built around 2003
Motor is Kawasaki 2 cylinder
Serial # 0740475
Kohler part # 359923 , dealer price $ 499.99
9 gear
Removed from a boat , 200 lbs of non working rust .
At this point I am curious too see if I can get it running . but
spending 5 hundred bucks too test ?
Cheap O China starter would do the job providing I can find 1
No solenoid on starter just a hot ,
Many on line look like it would do the job but buying & returning is costly & frustrating process .
Days of going too a store , touching , feeling , matching up STUFF is gone .


Andrew Mackey

When you buy from Kohler, about 60% of your cost is in the name KOHLER. You pay a premium for the name. Do as Ed stated. take the engine numbers and go to either NAPA or a good mower shop. They should be able to fix you up for a better price. NAPA might give you a rebate for the core:D