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Maytag Oil Mix


I have a bucket of original Maytag Multi-Motor oil. It is about a 3 1/2 gallon metal bucket STILL SEALED and has the Maytag printing on the bucket. The other side has a paper label explaining the use of oil/fuel mix in the Maytag Multi-Motor. The paper label is not in very good shape and has some pieces missing but is still for the most part readable. The white printing on the black metal bucket is in fair shape, has the old stylised Maytag name and explanation that this is a special blend for Maytag engins. If interested I can take some photos.

Anyone interested? What is it worth?

I have had this sitting around here for over 50 years. I don't know how I would go about shipping it. Will UPS take it?

You can contact me at david.fischer@q.com
Here is a photo of the oil.



I don't think any small air cooled 2-cycle, or 4-cycle engine (for that matter) should use the modern unleaded gas that has Ethanol in it, in any quantity. It is simple enough to find "Pure" gas. I have a station locally, just a few blocks away that has a sticker on their pump that says their Premium is Ethanol-free. That is what I use in all small engines. The small simple engines don't care if you use regular or premium, just no Ethanol.

Andrew Mackey

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In most small 2 stroke engines, premium is recommended for several reasons: 1) most premium is ethanol free. 2)if it has ethanol, the content is minimal and closely monitored. E-10 crap gas has up to 27% ethanol from the pump! The government is NOT monitoring the alky content. If you use a name brand gas, chances are you will get better milage, due to the fact that the fuel is not 'watered down with excess ethanol dilution. 3) high test will not break down or deteriorate nearly as fast as 'regular'. Wether gas has lead in it or not is not an issue with most maytag engines. Remember - tetryl-Ethyl lead was not used in auto fuel until after WW11. It was used in military aviation gas as early as 1937, but was not for sale to the public.
As for the maytag oil, oil from 50 years ago may have degraded to the point that it will not lube an engine reliably. A sealed 1 quart can I purchased years ago, had a distinct varnish smell to it when the can was opened, and the material in the can had a gritty feel between the fingers. The oil had degraded with time. As a collecters item, probably worth a bunch, as not a common item. As a usable product - questionable at best.


I use 2 graduated cylinders for mixing oil and gas.1 is 250ml,other is 10ml.I use this so i dont have to have a lot of mixed oil and gas lying around.Works great for small amounts and its all hase on 10 so mixes are easy.Lets say you mix160 ml of gas youll need 10ml of oil.Easy and cheap.You can get these off ebay and if you dont mind waitin you can order one from china even cheaper.Get plastic though as they dont break