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Maytag runs and hits hard


Hello guys I have three model 92 engines restored and two of them run great. The third is a 1929 long frame that runs ok but it is a little harder to start and when it runs it hits really hard and is loud when it hits. Every time the muffler pops it is loud. Is this the timeing ?

Pat Barrett

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I was going to say, timing, that's about all I can think of. It sounds like it may be a bit too advanced.

Andrew Mackey

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Points gap correct? Should be .020", plug gap .025. If set too close, timing wil be advanced. If the points mount plate has shifted, then it needs to be re-set. Contact Mark Shulaw, and send him your mag mount assembly (Plate and all. he can set it properly. Not quite a job you can do at home. He is here on the Stak