MCCormick Deering M Leftovers

Doing a little inspection of the crankcase of my 1926 1-1/2 M, and found what looked to be a once catastrophic failure. Thinking these are leftovers from a piston rod and bearings? Even found 5 good reusable shims in the thick sludge. Doesn't appear to have any old damage of other components. Used a strong magnet exploration to make sure nothing else was left behind.


Andrew Mackey

Nice handful of chunks there!:eek: Give the block a good flushing with some kerosene or fuel oil to get the rest of the debris out. have a careful look at the teeth on the gears too, to make sure they didnt get chewed up when something failed. from the looks of the parts, possibly the rod cap came loose and broke up. Lucky it didnt punch a hole in the block!
The engine had been on the same farm since new. Found a few quick fixes on various parts of the engine. Noticed there are no cotter keys on the rod end bolts. Guess I might dive deeper into other parts just to be sure, before I attempt to start it later on.