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McCormick Deering TracTracTor T-20

Troy Vetsch

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Last spring I had the opportunity to purchase a 1932 T-20 from a local family near me. With some routine maintenance and a new exhaust manifold I was able to get it running. I know this spring I need to adjust the steering clutches, what are some good ways to go about doing that? Thanks Troy


Duey C

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Troy, did you get info/a manual for your T-20 yet for your steering clutch adjustments coming up?
Couple things: Dom over in the service manual scans here has a TD-35 manual for free download.
Might correlate with your TT-20 on the adjustments under that rear cover.
OR more bits:
No affiliation with the manual store. Just who I happen to use for books. Prices thru them have been good.
Wish I could remember their coupon code for 10% off. Oop! Try GET10. Just might work.
If this is useless info, no problem. Perhaps show us and red power your adjustments as you do it when it's time.
Nice looking crawler!