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Meccano/Erector Triple Expansion Engine


Hello All! :wave: Here's a little blast from the past (for a lot of our childhoods) :)

I'm working on building this model of a marine triple expansion steam engine using Meccano and Erector parts. The goal is to get it to really run on steam or compressed air. I am using the engines from Liberty ships and Titanic as inspiration.

The vast majority of parts are standard Meccano/Erector parts, with some aftermarket parts, and a few self-made custom parts. I used 5/16" axle parts for the crankshaft since the normal 5/32" axles are too weak to handle the loads. The structure and frame are rather strong, I can sit on the top platform no problem.

So far I've got a good chunk of it made, finished laying out the valve linkage not too long ago. Currently I'm doing CAD drawings for the cylinder blocks, pistons, valves, etc. It'll have three cylinders each with 1.125" bore x 4" stroke (so it won't truly be a triple expansion engine). The valve linkage is the Joy type since it doesn't require eccentrics and allows a more compact engine. Also, trying to build the pumps driven from the crosshead and adding a turning engine.

Attached are some photos and here's a link to a video showing the valve linkage.


Time to finish...don't know since I'll need somebody else to machine the cylinders, pistons, valves, etc.

Thanks for looking,