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memorial day engine auction in PA. (30) engines.

George & Helen Myers

In Memory Of Helen
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HBurk said:
maybe someone will be there to take prices down for us, and post them. i don't know if i will make it or not. most of the engines are sideshaft. auction sight is: www.rentzelsauctionservice.com
It should be a well attended auction. I feel real sad about the reason for the sale. I hope it is very successful for Bill & Diane! They are great people! ...Helen


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Enjoy the auction, fellows. But I've been to enough Pennsylvania auctions with New Holland engines to know I won't be able to buy anything there. Auctions are always fun that's for sure.

Leonard Keifer

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Check the link in HBURK's opening post. It's listed under On-site auctions. It's a little north of York, PA. Directions are on the web site.