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MEP-802 Schematic?

Birken Vogt

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I did eventually find it over there, have to be a member to download anything hosted on their site.

But in this posting they put up a link to Liberated Manuals along with the page number so we can find it easier.

Apparently I was not the only one that ever had this problem.

And take a look at that crazy schematic, the customer wants me to auto start this unit, I am conflicted as to whether to just piggyback onto the master switch, or rip everything out and start over.


Birken Vogt

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That is great info, thanks.

The customer has an ECU 9xxx and some time delay module for the glow plugs but I think an all in one solution will be cheaper than paying my rates to figure out how to make the existing parts fit.

I have seen this movie before, these military sets are full of unintended consequences if you start modifying them, because they are so complicated.

Kurt Klopp

If I recall, there was a thread by someone on the SS site has rigged these for auto control.
Might have been the unit I'm developing. I have a thread going on it on S.S.
The one I'm developing does the 2-wire start like the one form the other company but does a lot more.
It can also do start & stop from your cell phone, laptop or tablet via WIFI.
Displays all engine and generator parameters via WIFI such as: Fuel Level, Coolant Temp, Oil Pressure, AC Voltage, Frequency, %Load, Battery Voltage, Ambient Temperature.
Logs historical data on all parameters, Min, Average & Max. User resetable.
User calibration of all parameters. User configurable for all start & stop time delays during start up and shutdown sequences. Transfer control from manual control to "WIFI" control and back. Remote control of Aux Fuel pump too.
Targeting the 802A,803A & 831A. May also work in the 804 too.
The 831A version also incorporates the Governor Controller function to replace the problematic factory one.
Units are out in beta test currently to refine.

Birken Vogt

Email NOT Working
We did the job already. Used the Inova Hightech product. Good thing we did because it turns out the thing needs a pulse every time it starts to close the main contactor. Been working several weeks and the customer said it works as he intended.