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Age is not as much a factor as condition the unit is currently in, some older machines may have just been rebuilt, some newer ones may have been in field for many hours.


i deal in these MEP units big and small,the Lister Petter/Onan engine in the small MEPs go about 10,000hrs before overhaul if treated right with regular oil changes and basic maintenance.Other things to look for are loose electrical connections,chafing and rotting rubber fuel return hoses,clogged fuel pre-filters at the fuel lift pump.Malfunctioning electricals are sometimes an issue due to vibration and shipping shock from handling.Radiators and water hoses have been good,not too many issues there.You can replace the thermostat with a lower 160 deg temp one.The Libby and Fermont units are both just as reliable as each other,no real big difference between the two in terms of reliability.If you can get one with less than 1000hrs on it if you have your choice.FWIW