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Mep 803 main stator removing from housing


Has anyone removed the main stator from the housing / shell??

Housing really needs to be painted/cleaned/etc. Was wondering if anyone has taken the stator out to make blasting and painting the housing saver/etc.

Any pointer would be welcome.. More to the point lol - how hard is it to get the stator out. ????


I have not taken a stator out, but have done a lot of other stuff on the 5KW version of this (MEP-802) There are a lot of fasteners, some with captive nuts, and many not, and things in the way to get at anything internal, was not designed to be that service friendly, it seems.

There is a lot of info, help, and all the manuals for these on the auxiliary equipment section of the steel soldiers military vehicle site.

Richard L

I would forget that idea, and clean up the outside and IF NECESSARY, blow out the windings, and if necessary use a spray electronic cleaner to do the windings, the coat with red insulating varnish what you can reach.
Think you will regret taking the unit apart, as you could easily nick a wire or other and end up with a bad end.
Have never pulled the windings out, unless the end is bad.
Just my 2 cents worth.


to take the stator out you basically have to disassemble the entire generator set.Start with the top over the rad,remove it be careful the screws like to snap off and the captive nuts like to strip out..then remove the top off the electrical control box,sometimes its also held on with silicone in addition to the screws..disco all the fuel and drain the rad..remove rad for safekeeping,remove fan(backwards threaded-DONT snap the fan threads off-careful) disconnect all electricals,theres 12 wires and two field wires that go to the generator,mark them if the tags have come off..lift engine and generator end out of chassis as one unit,place on shop floor with blocks to support gen end..remove end cover from gen end,unbolt the four long bolts that hold the end to the engine plate behind the flywheel..you can pull the stator off and leave the rotor in place bolted to the flywheel.Ive done a few this way it works but is a bit whacky the way they are put together not like a normal housing generator you separate at the flywheel..best of luck