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MEP016D Cart

Kevin K

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That cart is a piece of crap. Ask me how I know. I would not trust it with more than 100 Lbs, if that. The small wheels, mounted too close together, make for an unstable center of gravity allowing the cart to tip over easily. The frame has no rigidity and will twist and dump your generator on the ground if you hit virtually any bump at all. The cheap nuts and bolts will loosen by themselves and drop off. Do yourself a big favor and get your generator off that thing before it winds up on the ground, like one of mind did. Luckily it was on the grass and no damage occurred.

Tractor Supply has a much sturdier 1000 Lb cart for $130. It was on sale last week for $100.


Throw the junk sides away. Securely attach a 24" x 48" piece of 3/4" treated plywood to the top which will give it additional rigidity and allow easy attachment of the generator. While I would not trust it with 1,000 Lbs, it has handled a 500 Lb generator with no issues.


I made some bushings for the cross tube, and converted mine into a wheelbarrow style for moving it.

I'll have to take a new pic of it, as I can't find it at the moment.