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Mercury DA 211 Progress, 4' Bar


The DA-211 saw was regarded to be one of the finest "big" saws of it's day and when correct, it will idle to a low "thumpity-thump". Most of the time, if your coil has a crack in it, it will give problems. I had over a dozen of these saws and just about every one of them took new coils

The gearbox needs #140 gear lube, 85-140 will leak out. The only #140 I found was a 5 gallon bucket, no quarts!

Now, at 62 pounds, that saw was considered a lightweight one man saw. A 2-man saw had a throttle on the right, maybe a clutch on the left, and had to have a helper on the end of the bar. Your 1-man saw has a throttle that can be operated by either hand and has an extra loop handle in front of the powerhead. 1 man can pick up and operate that saw, by himself! So now you know why lumberjacks were so big.


The low speed is way too lean these carbs the low speed works posit of a normal carb turning the low speed in riches the mixture turning it out leans the mixture don't break those trees or your done they are nla. Don't run a da211 if you think it can run on a mix other than 8 inches to the gallon I have rebuilt several of these saws if you took the mag off you messed up big time the timing is critical on these saws I could talk you through it on the phone but I ain't typing it out here if you want to call me my number is 607 373 8146


Dean, we talked couple years back and i took notes. i had come across a nos mag in bendix box and u gave me the real deal about timing then. At this time it don't have those after market coils from saturn surplus in it. Its got the nos coils in it that have 1" crak each and i epoxied them. I don't think i got a mag problem.... i never took the carb off, but only removed the bowl cover to get float out to redkote. It might be on the heavy side now????? thanks all.

are u guys running unleaded? the manual reads "donot use white gas which i thought was unleaded gas back in the day? is white gas the same as modern day unleaded?


New plugs installed yesterday and about 60 minutes running time, no wood cutting but about 30 minutes 1/2 throttle and 30 mintues at lowest idle i could get and it still run. The 1 on left is from no.1 cylinder with slight wet showing. and is the cylinder with the most crackling coming from it. Its the 1 that seems to have trouble coming up strong compare to the exhaust pressure coming out the mufflers. Now maybe i think somewhat of a breakdown with the ignition on no.1. This is about 30:1 mix with modern 2 cycle oil. thanks 4 comments:salute:


Andrew Mackey

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Both plugs are carbon fouled - mixture set too rich or ignition faults. Carbon on the plugs will lead to mis-fire. 30:1 oil mix seems too lean on oil. What do operating instructions on engine label read? Also, modern 2 stroke LUBES are too thin. You need either SAE 30 non-detergent or TCW-3 OIL for these engines.

White gas is similar to Colemans fuel. NFG for these engines, as octane rating is too low (in the area of 54). Unleaded regular is about 89 octane. you MUST be sure to use the proper oil/fuel ratio, as the alky in E-10 unleaded will dilute the oil. in any case, I would run high test fuel in the engine. Pump supposed E-10 has been found to have as much as 27% alcohol in it :eek:, not good for a 2 stroke engine. high test has a better control of additives.

I would go to a NAPA or good auto parts store, and buy one of those NEON spark testers. Place in line with the high tension leads and the plugs and watch the glow. Intermittent or changing brightness of the bulb lighting means a bad coil or other ignition problem (dirty points or bad condenser).

One other thing to check - is your muffler carbonneed up? if packed with carbon, the cylinders won't breathe properly, and it can lead to the problems you are having. Back in the day, we used to take a good hot propane torch and burn the carbon out. Lots of bright orange sparks! not good for the paint though.

What spark plugs are you using and gap? The original plugs are champion J 6-J, gapped at .025". Points gap .015". If you are not working the saw, you probably can get away with champion J8 s, a hotter plug. DO NOT use resister plugs, they will strain the high tension sides of the coils, leading to coil failure due to insulation breakdown from excessive resistance.


Checked everything u mentioned and determined i got a heavy float i think because i redkoted it. With this carb the needle/seat is in the bottom, thus too much gas. After taking the carb off along with the reeds/valves there was raw fuel setting in the rod journal valleys.
Its back on the back burner now, gaskets are gonna be tough to remake.