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Metorite Impact!


yeah, woke me too, one clock said 11.50 pm so about then, give or take a minute or two.
am in town, just north of north road. 'yakamia' suburb.
was only half asleep, but sleep with good ear down mostly, so dont usually hear much at night.
thought it must have a yobbo pranging a power pole maybe 2 or 3 streets away, serious boom, but distant, but also felt house shake, maybe it was the tremor which woke me...??? it was weird noise boom, like a bang but without the clang, more like an explosion.

dont know about impact now i read fbook waffle and news (?) that noise was sonic boom from extremely fast meteorite. one number was 50 000 kmh, but not sure what maths was used, excact times and places would be hard to get, approx 11.40 passed over near bunbury, heading to albany, here at 11.50 approx, google says 277 km flying distance, so round up to 300km, by 6 (lots of 10 minutes) is close to 1800 kmh, sorry to let the truth get in the way of a good story... possibly high speed entry to atmosphere, a bit slower near end of burn / impact?
if it was from an impact, there will be serious hole somewhere, sonic boom does more fit my experience.

yeah i have met one locals who is sure they seen ufo in local outback, but the one thing most absent is noise, just lights. description was most like the huge 'flying wing' flying very low, so most likely just the 'mericans on a joy ride. but that was 30 years ago, a bit quiet now, maybe they dont need to have the lights on anymore...
cheers Rod.


We aren't allowed to be too sure of much these days, cops catch a someone in a crime, newspaper can only report that person x is 'alleged' to have done crime!
most unlikely that lights and noise is result of 'swamp gas' as per common explanation of ufos, as been too dry around here lately, not so many swamps left.

Scotty 2

lights and noise is result of 'swamp gas' as per common explanation of ufos
Maate. Maybe time to change diets if swamp gas is a result.

My Nana saw some UFOs one day. It was in the middle of the arvo as well. She was helping mum get food ready for my brothers 21st Birthday do and she saw the UFOs out the kitchen window. We all had to come and see. Sadly some of the flies on the flyscreen flew away before we all could witness the UFOs. No more beer for Nana when she's making coleslaw.

Cheers Scott