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Miller Trailblazer 250 g help


Hello I just got a onan P220 air cooled, two cylinder, four cycle, gas engine powered 250G. I am getting auxiliary but no weld output . I have the machine set correctly. I am a certified welder so I know the controls blindfolded . If anyone has a tech manual or any idea what could be the cause I would sure appreciate it .


Hi Dan!

If you're getting aux, but no weld power, it's probably something simple, or if not, really obvious once the cover is off.

You'll want to have the serial number handy when you check MillerWeld's website, and if you DON'T see your model and series, send them an Email- their documentation department has been scanning archives into their system, and may not have gotten to yours yet, but they're incredible people when it comes to pulling the file on way-old-machines... I'm absolutely certain they have the book on it, and they'll email you a PDF of it for nothing more than a request. :wave:


I had the same issue. Check the field current card, PC2 if I remember correctly. Carefully disconnect the wire harnesses that connect to the board, then check the solder joints on the back of the card. That fixed mine. You're gonna have to inspect with magnifying glass, and also find a solvent to remove protective lacquer coating. Look up Pace worldwide electronics on YouTube, helpful soldering repair videos from the same era as your welder. Hopefully this helps.