Minimum Gauge Railways (Arthur Heywood)


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I thought I would share one of my favorite books on minimum gauge railways.

I am very fond of the 15 inch gauge as it is just big enough to be able to sit in the cab of the locomotive. Or perhaps in the seat of a passenger car. Sadly, they are bit too big for the average backyard railway.

One of the best known such railways is the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway in the United Kingdom.



A couple of my friends are seriously into 15" gauge. They started out building a couple of diesel hydraulics that weigh in around 4,000#. Now they are building steam locomotives that are considerably larger.

They run at the Hetch Hetchy, Trinity, and another private road in Missouri, I believe. They are members at Joshua Tree, and are closely associated with the Santa Fe 3751.

It's fun to visit their shops. :D



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The largest gauge I have ever considered is 19 inch gauge.

Here is the Swanton Pacific RR in Swanton Ca.

I consider 24 inch gauge a real railroad as there are working narrow gauge lines around the world who use 24 inch gauge track. The Darjeeling Railway in India for example.