Minneapolis 17-30 restoration help


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I have had a Minneapolis 17-30B that has been setting for about 2 years since I got it. One of the first things I need to do is remove the water pump. It should be simple, but apparently it is not. I have a manual but it is lacking on specific details. I really need to talk to someone with some experience on these tractors.

I was recently at a show and discussing this issue and had a guy tell me about a fella who has restored many 17-30's and is an expert. The issue I have is I suffer from C.R.S. "can't remember stuff" and I cannot remember the fellas name.

I was hoping that some one out here may know who I was told about. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the information on Randy. I know Randy and have spoken with him a few times. He was fortunate he did not have to remove his water pump but gave me some good insights. I only hope mine will run a nice as his did.

Craig A

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Great video...…. :)
I see someone has their work cut out with the loose impeller and badly worn shaft where the packings ride...….. :hide: