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Model Gas tractors


That is a nice waterloo boy, what kind of engine did you use, and what did you do to it for laying it on the side?
the engine is a jd luc power unit, layed down on its side. he put a sump in the oil pan and changed the carb. the tractor was finished in 79 and has many, many hours on it. Wade


Sandman7325 Beautiful Fairbanks model ! I would like to build one as well, but I wanted a bigger scale. I have a 7hp Hercules engine to build around but I don't have any measurements. If you could provide measurements ,nothing too detailed, just flywheel and gear diameters,over all length, width anything at all would be very much appreciated. Thanks Kevin


Where can i find the castings for the 1/6 Fairbanks N, and how much do they go for. There is a 6 cyl Marine E Fairbanks avail, full size mind.