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More eBay Greed

Craig A

Staff member
Yesterday I got around to listing an old Jensen machine shop set along with some Wilesco extras and when I got to the part about how many days I chose a 3 day auction as I have for years.
I don't think anyone likes to wait a week to find out if they were successful.......I know I don't.
Anyway, when I got to the final screen I discovered my 3 day auction will NOW cost $1........ :uhoh:
I changed it to a 5 day auction which went through free but still........ :rant:


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Re: More ebay Greed

Yes, they substantially revised their fee schedules.
Also, if you ship to any adr other than buyer's ebay adr, you are not covered, even with delivery confirmation. Seller on a group I am part of shipped to buyer's paypal adr at buyer's written request in email. $$$ item, so seller went signature required. Buyer filed item not received with ebay, got fully refunded.
Seller shows proof of delivery, ebay says that is not adr on file. Seller looses merchandise, money, and gets a defect to boot.


I list a few things on there but it is ridicules. For the longest I had a 50 items a month free listing note that kept coming up. Suddenly without warning, it is down to 20 and I had already exceeded that by the time I realized it. I still am peod about them gouging for a percentage of shipping cost.:rant:
But so far sadly, there aint a viable alternative because their money has bought themselves a steady hold on the online auction stage.

Ryan Anderson

So how I understand it is that you only get 20 free listings a month now.

Most of what I sell is car parts from a couple junk cars I part out. Some of the parts get relisted for 6 months or longer before they sell. I usually have about 25 listings going at a time depending on how much effort I want to put into it.

Now I will only be able to list about 1 week a month. I would never make enough in a month to justify the $14.95/month subscription they are now pushing. I'm hoping to profit that much just from selling one or 2 parts a month. (sometimes none sell) If I have to pay $0.30 each for the listings above 20 just to have the exposure, it is a total money losing enterprise.

Seems to me that they are leaving money on the table from us little guys. I can't imagine it costs them much to give us the free listings once their codes are written and the servers are bought and payed for to store the data. Great job at losing many customers eBay! :shrug:


I think it boils down to they don't want little guys like me on there anymore that sell old,used items for restore or parts.They want folks with 100's of items making 50 sales a day.
It does NO good to respond to the questionnaires "How are we doing" or "your feedback"?
Stuff I had selected auto relist on, has done run 4 bucks worth of re listing fees since I paid my balance last week.It was all a trick to make money to have that box down there to check. I had 50 item relist and it was working fine. They change it and I dont relize it,boom,they make money.
I have some valve guides for a B john deere listed. I was going to put them in the same category everyone else is using for those but when I put the starting price in there it wanted a 20 dollar listing fee!:eek:
To hell with that, I figured out another place to put them and hope that searchers will find them someday. I have had followers so someone has found them.
I just wish there was another site to try.


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I've all but given up on ebay completely. Was a time, I bought quite a few odds and ends there, but when they started cramming that paypal junk down people's throats I signed off pretty much completely. Encountering a few crooked sellers didn't help anything, either.

Despite having all sorts of stuff to sell, I never tried ebay, because they demand that sellers have a credit card, and I do not. And even if I did, given the level of competence ebay has displayed whenever I had to contact them for something, I would never, for any reason trust them with any sensitive information that could in any way be misappropriated. They're just a vast bureaucracy of bunglers, and that's the most charitable estimation of them.

I sell things, and do most of my buying on craigslist. It's not as wide a marketplace, and does not have the dizzying array of stuff that ebay does, but it's free and if you use a third party search engine you can find most anything for sale there. Best of all, it's completely FREE! Oh, I already said that. I guess you know where my priorities are.


Since this thread has already gotten sidetracked from Craig's complaint about the fee for a short 3 day listing, you still get 40 free listings a month IF you list 20 of them in the "Collectibles" category and the other 20 elsewhere.

Plus you can list up to 6 automobiles a year in eBay Motors above and beyond those 40 free listings per month.

Yes I too got bit on a few listings when they dropped it down from the 50 free listings and had to pay $0.30 each on them, but it amazes me how quickly everyone forgets the Facts. Like the FACT that we Used to have to pay for EVERY Listing before they came up with the 50 Free and now 20-40 Free listings depending on how effectively you use the categories.

Reminds me of my former co-workers bitching about management screwing us over by cutting down on the 'profit sharing' which they had just started doing less than two years prior to that and at the time gave us 'extra' 'bonus bucks' that they didn't have to just to get the program off to a good start.

They don't HAVE to give you ANY Freebies ! They gave the free listings (and still do promotions with hundreds or sometime thousands of free listings) to get more people selling more items and it worked.

They still have the 12 Free Pictures which used to be one or two free and then a charge for each additional picture. It's still FREE to "Schedule" the Start Time for a later time and date which they used to charge for. Once in a while they offer Free Subtitles for more information in the title. And there are still Other Freebies that I haven't taken advantage of yet.

Yes there are ADDED Features that they Charge Extra for like the 3 day auction or adding a Buy It Now option to an Auction Style listing or putting a reserve price on something which you can get around by simply starting at your reserve price with one of your 20 (or 40) Free Listings Regardless of Start Price.

I'm guessing when they see the number of listings drop they will likely go back to the 50 free listing or maybe even higher. In the mean time, I will gladly take the 20-40 free ones and then decide how many more things I want to list at $0.30 each which I used to get charged for EVERY listing before they came up with the Free Ones.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, eBay with all its Fees and Charges is still cheaper than paying an auctioneer 25%, plus you get International coverage on your stuff that you don't get from most of the local auctions unless they have live internet bidding (which they charge extra for)

Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.....:rant:


Tim Gautreaux

New member
Ebay is getting too complicated to use and is like walking across a mine field. Yesterday I listed a steam pump part in auction format for starting price of 25.00. I used the program's suggested listing category. Then I saw they charged me $20.00 just for an insertion fee! It took a long time on the phone to straighten that out. Turns out the category the ebay program recommended (something like Heavy machinery and antique farm machinery parts) has an expensive insertion fee. I've been on Ebay since 1997 and never heard of such a fee.


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I would be under this rule since I have no store.
All other sellers:
Insertion fees are free for your first 20 listings per calendar month
Insertion fees are also free for an additional 20 auction-style listings per calendar month in collectibles categories.
A long time ago I sold some things but quit selling when I realized every time it listed, I was charged and what if it never sold. And I did not want the trouble of selling to a difficult prickly or deceptive buyer since Ebay will side with the buyer, then I would be the loser.

It seems now there are free listings? Does Ebay warn you before the listing that there will be some fee?

I have another gripe, Ebay wont accept Google web picasa pictures. They just dont work, I complained to Ebay and got no where. Those picture links also do not work in Ebay communications with staff! It seems when I looked into why, Ebay computers were stripping out characters making the links invalid.

Does anyone know of a working free picture site that I could use for Ebay selling?

Doug Oldenburg

Post # 4 pretty well says it like it is with ebay. I usually have ABOUT 50 items on there at any given time, so am pretty familiar with it. I will say that they do get their share of most everything, but there is no other place that I know of that you get the exposure you do there. That being said......you can't go in like a kid in a candy store & just start listing things & using every option that comes up.........It will cost you dearly. As far as their "suggested" category's, Do you go in to a GM dealership & want a Chevy, but they "suggest" that you should really buy a Caddy so you go out with a big smile & a big ol' Cadillac? I doubt it. In the end what I usually do when they have less free listings, is list only the stuff that i'm pretty sure will sell & then when they have a deal where you get bunch of listings, put the other marginal stuff on. :shrug:
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