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More Western Electric Light Plant

Mike Schweikert

So still plugging away on this plant #1 of 2.

Got a hoist and lifted the engine case off the base to better eval the gas tank and clean it.

I was able to get the hangers out intact, cant say the same about the tank. Swiss cheese comes to mind. I am really glad I did this, it would have leaked everywhere.....

Its gonna need either a ton of solder, or I will have to get a new one made.

I suspect the filler neck is brass as well as the pipe bung for the gas line conduit.

Figured folk would be curious as to "what's underneath it"



Andrew Mackey

Contact John Wonat - I believe a Stak sponsor. You can send him your old tank, and he will build you a new one. he will transfer your fittings to the new tank. he does a great job, and you can't beat the service!!