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Motsinger Experts Wanted


I am putting together a motsinger for my 3hp famous and have a few questions. First, does anyone have the part #'s for the pulley, handhole bracket, and motsinger bracket? I have two motsingers one is fairly complete but VERY worn with the common base mount. The other is missing the governor, pulley, and base but is in great shape. I am going to make two into one. There are a few differences between them; first the drive wheel shafts are different sizes. The one missing that base has a smaller shaft, it measures .410 with the sides milled off. The other has a strait .500 shaft. Second the one missing the base is threaded where the unit pivots on the base and the other has no threads with pins and set screws holding it on. Which one will work better with an IHC bracket setup? Thanks


Rob Charles

You need the bracket that stands vertical. The cover has an extra ear opposite where the water pump mounts to hold another bracket which then holds the Motsinger. The cover fits both the 2 and 3hp engines. I bought some castings from I think Gene Fisher in Texas. Not sure if he has the pattern for the side cover or not. The intermediate bracket he had was for a 2 hp non-pareil type of engine and it won't work on a 3hp. What I did to mount the Motsinger on my 3 is to use the cover and made a steel plate for the intermediate bracket in the shape of the non-pareil casting. The book calls for the 4" pulley. I made a 2 " pulley for it as the engine runs slow so it might make enough juice to run the coil. It doesn't.

Very early in vertical production, they mounted the Motsinger where the water pump is on the later engines. I have a copy of the Motsinger manual and they show a pic of the Motsinger on the carb side of an early vert. Opposite of the fuel pump. It was mounted vertically.
One of the guys from Arkansas had the 2 brackets as castings at Portland. He had bought them over the phone and picked them up. He took them right home no loaning. Never knew who made them. Would like to have them too. I have talked to guys who have them. They like being owners of rare set ups and do not want to have copies out there, I guess.