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Mount Pleasant Old Threshers show.

Dan Baalman

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Had a great time showing some of my Ottawa engines this past week. The show personnel really made us feel welcome , and everything ran very smoothly. I also have tractors and have shown them in the past. I was the president of a club in Colorado for nine years total, and have had some experience with putting on shows. During the old threshers show I observed some things with tractor driving, getting ready for the parade etc. Some of the tractor operators were very young and passengers on lots of tractors had no platform or seat provided for them. I know we want to get the young involved with our hobby, but what I observed was serious accidents or worse, waiting to happen. One show I attend, Camp Creek Threshers, in Waverly ,Neb. has addressed this in a very straight forward way. No riders on tractors, period, and operators must be at least 15 years old. I know I will get differing opinions on this, but what I saw made me cringe.


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I had my granddaughter on my model going through the parade she always hangs on to where I tell her not saying something couldn't happen but I take precautions to make sure that don't happen, but I assume some people don't think about those things, but there should be an adult riding along with someone who is not old enough to drive.


I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend THE SHOW!! I would like to thank all the folks that I met and made me feel welcome. I'm laying the groundwork to drag some of my toys from NE Ohio to show at next years show.


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I went to the show with Dan & his brother Jack,I think this show is a must to go at some point..their is so much to see,its overwhelming...just the amount of Big Gas Tractors & Steamers,is over the top for any tractor guy,,,we brought Ottawa Engines and the engine guys went out of their way to make us feel welcome there...we have been there 3 times over the yrs and it just keeps getting bigger every year....I will try to post some pictures but its hard here to do that so be patient..txs Alan