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Mounting Reid on Trailer


Need advice / pictures on how to mount a 15 HP Reid (or oil field engines in general) on a trailer. Initial thought is to run u-bolts from the trailer frame through the skid. Haven't found a low cost / appropriate gvwr trailer yet so can't speak to what the frame will be and what the centers will be. Also not sure what's good enough vs overkill for mounting.

This is all speculative since trailers cost money. I have a 18' with 5200# axles that I use. But loading / unloading is a hassle & would like to have Big Red on a dedicated trailer.

Appreciate any guidance.


Tom Marshall Jr.

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Re: Mounting Reid on trailer

If you can find a used travel trailer with water damage , they go cheap. most 2 axle have brakes , 3500 axles , gives you 7000 gvw. this would haul your reid. Of course you half to strip it down to the frame and start from there. Work or money for something newer and ready to use.

Peter Holmander

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Keep an eye out for a used trailer on Craig's List. That's what I did for my Reid. The trailer I bought was used for a big Hobart welder. The entire deck is 1/4 inch diamond plate steel. I put the engine on the trailer on oak, and then put steel pipe under it. I chocked the wheels of the trailer and then set up a freight scale on the tongue end. I then rolled the engine forward until I got the gross tongue weight that my truck is rated for. I allowed a few hundred pounds for the cooling water tank. I'm pretty sure I used big threaded rod. Went through the mounting ears on the Reid, through the oak, and through the diamond plate floor. On the underside of the floor, I ran 3/4 inch x 6 inch flat stock. One piece in the front and one in the rear sideways both long enough to catch both mounting holes. I doubt the engine is going anywhere as long as I drive sensibly when I move it.