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My First Onan is a 5CCK Dec 1962


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On my CCK I installed an electric pump, and just removed all the lines on the mechanical, and plugged the holes with those little plastic plugs. Works great. My governor spring support mounts the same. Wired the pump to switched B+ (coil positive, somewhere in the control box) to ensure the pump shuts off when the unit stops. Mounted the pump below the control box, on the side of the stator, with a fabricated aluminum plate. I did have to make up a new steel fuel line from the pump to the carb, though. Inverted male flare fittings on each end to facilitate attachment to the carb and pump. zuhnc


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No, I haven't yet connected a battery. Have to steal the one out of my truck lol. I had thought it was a magneto, so I put the switch in hand crank, wrapped a rope around the sheave, and watched for spark when I pulled. Which of course there was none. :O

The commutator is a bit rough and covered in dirt, so it must be cleaned before attempting electric starting. I hoped to run it on the (non existent) magneto with the generator brushes lifted, and hold some Scotchbrite on there. Might pull the plugs and have my wife spin it with a drill while I clean things up a bit...

I haven't yet looked at the points, but they're working according to the ohmmeter. If the set proves viable, I'll get a new condenser for it at minimum, points if they look bad. And whatever else it needs.

At minimum need to tape up some slightly mouse chewed wires too before testing with power applied... A better repair will be done after I know it's good.

Hey Keith, looks like chrish001 has a magneto out of a 10CW for sale HERE. I suspect that it can be retrofitted to your CCK if you are determined enough.