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My New PE-197

Military Dave

WOW, CHRIS!! Your 197 is really turning out nicely!! I can't wait to see it all finished. Do you think that you might make a You Tube video when you're done?


Very nice, When my left shoulder surgery heals up, I need to catch up to working my mechanicals and restoration of my PE-197's. Just love the simplicity of these old generators. Everything is on hold till I can lift with my left arm.
How many generator sets are you up to now Mac?


3 & 1/2 in storage, may soon be a 5th which will be the oldest serial number!

Once I get started with the wiring, 2 have had field mice eating up the wiring, old cat yellow should be the easiest, all of them the original exhaust is rotten with age and probably wrapped with Asbestos, which I need to dispose of.

The S/N's I have is #6124 from Galt; #7106 was from Morgan Hill; #7305 incomplete from Redding and #7319 from Santa Cruz.

#7106 was my first acquisition; #6124 second; #7305 was third; and #7319 is the most completely modified Cat Yellow paint all over. Modified to run as a 220V unit.

Probably will only "Pray" to have 3 units running of the 4 I have. Parts are parts. I know one camshaft lobe for the fuel pump was trashed without grease. "Pray" that the carbs will work? Have had only 1 fuel pump rebuilt and 1 magneto re-magnitized if that is correct? Some paint on internals and a head removed due to water in the #3 cylinder from an open exhaust pipe.