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My user name is GREEN or RED or BLUE!


Staff member
Just a note to explain that Sponsor's names are BLUE and Subscriber's names are GREEN in the Currently Active Users list on the main index page. Also, new users that have not yet confirmed their email address are RED.

Subscribers also have higher level status on the Enginads classified ad board including up to 6 photos per ad, bold or italic type fonts, adding and editing comments, subscribing to the ad category email list, and they have a higher limit of active ads.

On Smokstak, subscribers can email a post link to a friend, edit their own posts for 7 days, have 50MB of attachment space, post polls, storage for 200 PMs, have a 10K avatar, and probably a few things I forgot. Also, this opens up posting on the Photo Gallery.

For details on Subscribing to Smokstak or Enginads, see: