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Myrick Eclipse 4 HP value$?

Jonah Close

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Just looking to find the value of a late non running 4 HP Mrick, Thanks!:shrug::wave:


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Re: Myrick Eclipse 4 HP value$$$$??

I must first qualify myself as a non-expert newbie but I have seen a few sell and advertised.
Two mostly, but not complete ones at the 2012 Portland swap had $800ish asking prices. Dont know if early or late nor if sold.
On Ebay a few months ago, again not sure of vinatge, one in MD sold for less than $400 but had badly misspelled name in ad that likely caused searchers to miss it.
I own two fairly early ones that were purchased last spring but additional $ was paid because they are early, complete, on my route from another purchase and consecutive serial numbers. (hows that for justifying paying over avergae??:)

Funny thing is when the subject comes up at a show people say ya, they are pretty nice engines and can be bought for 200 bucks all day long, If I have heard it once I've heard it a dozen times. My standard answer is I will double your money on every $200 Eclipse you care to sell. I cleaned out a big spot in the shop to store them all and,,,,,, still waiting.

As compared to other engines they seem to be very regional as for availaility and sightings at shows.