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Name the tractor makes on this tea towel!


Got this for Chrissie, yes they're all pretty well not real machines but I think it's fun enough to guess which make each of these machines resembles the most!



I see a Lanz and a Field Marshall on there. Anything orange has to be an Allis Chalmers, right :)


Scotty 2

Poor grey Fergy is broken down. At least the bloke isn't scratching his head.
Is the middle top row a Chamberlain and below it a restyled John Deere model D?

What a great tea towel.
Cheers Scott

Scotty 2

I thought the chamberlain was the lower orange one myself.
That's where your smarter then me. I'm just a dumb@r$e from Warwick. I have to buy tea towels that tell me what's what :D

Cheers Scott :)

Edit: The link above is totally out of control. Here it is so you can see it:


The code command shows the uncompressed link.

-- Harry


Dont forget the blue one on the second bottom row, a New Holland.

I won,t show Dee the TEA20 with the bonnet up, unless we agree it is to show everyone what a real tractor is suppose to look like.

Why is Scottys' images not showing up on my screen? only a circle with a bar in the middle?


"a circle with a bar in the middle?"

I didn't know Nissan made a tractor???

better do a google check, surprise surprise!!!


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I pick the white trike on right of 4th row as an OTA / Singer - Monarch.
the green machine on spokes above it has got me wondering,
looks like an early John Deere,
but why the multi pipe manifold?
and is the front bit a hot bulb / head or a PTO pulley?
all good fun, the artist has used lots of artistic license...

Scotty 2

Looks like Scotty needs to compress his images :brows:
Mate !
Nope. As I've said along, I'm just a dumb@r$e.
I could see it Cobba. Can you see it now Harry fixed it? Thanks Harry!!

Does anyone know what the little tractor next to the broken down Fergy with the belt drive to the transmission is?
The middle of the 4th row would nearly be a Farmall wouldn't it?

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ok so now im seeing minus circles.
the scotty2 post is a light shaded symbol in a large background area,
the full link when copied and pasted into a new tab address area,
goes to webpage all black with dark shaded same symbol.
same results from several tries.
if i get enough circles and bars i can make my own tractor...
cheers Rod.



Sorry Rodneyt no, but if you get 3 in a row you win the noughts n crosses game.
All good now its been shrunk Scotty.

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Hi Scotty,
Harry put a link to your image above and I haven't tried to open that one but the one over the page is all good.