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National Museum of Industrial History, in Bethlehem PA

Andrew Mackey

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Not quite a show, but nearly as good! My engine club visited The National Museum of Industrial History, in Bethlehem PA. The museum site is on the grounds of the Bethlehem Steel works, also the site of the Sands casino, just off I-78 in Bethlehem PA.

They have many exhibits, and a most interesting tour. They have a few massive engines on display, one of which will be coming on line in the near future. If you can make it there for a tour, or just a walk thru, it is well worth your time to visit. Also on display, many items made by Bethlehem Steel, from it's humble beginnings, to it's close. There is a nice portable steam engine right inside the main entrance, looks like it could be fired right up!

The NMIH is an offshute of the Smithsonian Museum, the first branch museum created by the Smithsonian (there are now 3 4 branches). It is but only 21/2 years young, but looks good to us.

Now, if only they could get together with the Casino, and open the building with those huge blowing engines that Bethlehem steel used, now that would really be something!

Terry Welch

Re: Good place to visit

I was there a few years ago and asked about getting in the building with the blowing engines and was told the building had some structural problem so no admittance. Would have likes to get in the office building.