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NC x NF Studs

Phil Dowe

I am in need of 28 head studs for a Knight engine. I can thread them,with a bit of difficulty, but the die sometimes runs off and the thread is not straight! Surely there is still a supplier with this sort of product on their shelves. I am looking for 2” x 3/8” NC one end, NF the other. Thanks in advance to al who reply,and regards to all Phil.


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Antique Dorman fasteners (for one) are what you are looking for. I’ve seen them for sale on EBay. These studs have always been a specialty item and not a regular thing at hardware stores and not even most auto parts stores.
Other companies made them, too...
I keep a watch on EBay for old Dorman stuff. Does anyone else?
I’ll go look at my collection.
You can always cut sections of all thread or long bolts and use the appropriate nut.


Hi Phil,
I understand the issue with trying to get your die to start and run straight but I grind a small taper at the beginning of the rod and that seems to help. I would have thought that your studs would need to be High Tensile and that would be a bugga to thread but not impossible.

This may sound a crazy but have you tried Repco for the studs, they used to have a good selection of oddball stuff at times and with your information on length and thread pitch they should be able to tell you within minutes. The other option is to contact an engine reconditioning shop. Surely they have a supplier like Scruttons or Blackwoods.


Hi Phil,
Try your local Hastings Deering. I'm not near a computer at the moment but pretty sure there is a Caterpillar stud around that size