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Need help with a flat belt pulley?


I picked up a small tractor that is driven by a 2" wide flat belt off the engine.
The engine pulley is missing and I'm looking at this pulley as a replacement.
This is a new paper pulley with an aluminum center.
It is 3" diameter.

How durable is a paper pulley going to be ?
Will the clip that connects the belt ends together chew it up ?

To drive this tractor, the engine is lowered to tighten the pulley against the belt and raised to loosed the belt tension when the tractor stops.
Will that have an effect on the paper pulley.

Thank you for your help.

Sam Hamilton

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Re: Need help with flat belt pulley ?

Could you please post a picture of your tractor? It sounds interesting.

A paper pulley is pretty durable, but it won't stand up to the connect/disconnect cycles as well as a cast iron pulley. I don't think that the clips in the belt would cause excess wear.


I was afraid the the constant connect and disconnect would wear it down.
I think I'm going to have to just give up and make a pulley myself.

Here's a photo of my tractor showing the flat belt pulley on the drive axle.
And a photo of what the tractor is suppose to look like when finished.
It is a 1946 FMC Bean Cutler.



It won't last too long,you should be able to get a pulley made for a fairly reasonable price,also many old headers and harvesters had similar pullies to that so perhaps you could talk to a local machinery wrecker.Keep smiling,Norm

Doug Oldenburg

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I also agree that it won't take the slippage associated with the connect/disconnect. Also, another thing they will not take much of....is getting them wet. :brows:

Dave R

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Paper pulleys are traditionally used as the drive for bailer clutches on older cable tool drill rigs. The paper pully is brought to bear on a metal one and friction drives it . These get a lot of use to "pump" the bailer and draw it up. Seem to hold up fairly well. Just for fun I will mention that paper wheels were tried on early trolley cars and the worked well and quiet but they slid severely on wet rails and the trolley would not stop on a hill.


Thanks for the information, guys.

I've been trying for a few months to find an original engine pulley for this tractor but haven't had any luck.
Can't even find another tractor with the flat belt drive so I can get photos of the pulley.

The factory did a recall back then on these and changed them to a 3-V-belt drive system.

The pulley needs be solid on both ends to attach 2-reversing disc to it.
All the other flat belt pulleys that I've found are open on at least one end.