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Need Kohler 245445 (Delco 816-24V) replacement

Kenny Crenshaw

I am in need of a replacement relay for my 6.5 KW L600 Kohler generator. My relay is mounted upside down (from the factory) and got moisture in it and is now ruined. It looks like a very simple 24 volt relay that should not be hard to source in a modern version. There is a used on one on Ebay right now, but i would rather not take a chance on it if there is a modern replacement. We use 12 volt relays all of the time here at work, I would assume that there is a 24 volt equivalent. Thanks.



First place I would look would be truck supplies. Many trucks run 24 volt sysstems.
Second place military surplus/ supplies. All mil equipment has been 24 volt for many years.


+1 for looking at truck part places. You should be able to find a cube relay with a 24v coil no problem.

A lot of the military stuff will be labeled for 28v but will work fine in a 24v system is almost all cases. I doubt very much you’d have any problem with a relay.