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Generac: Need manuals or info SD50/13730 genset


Hey guys, been a little while since my last entry. I have a Generac m/n SD50/13730 s/n 0720261 (alternator dataplate) generator that I am trying to restore. Our electricians relocated this unit a while back and forgot to seal up conduits (external crank from transfer switch) leading into the controller box allowing rodents to destroy the internals. I have sent off the crank boards but having to replace the voltage regulator as it has melted the varnish off the board. I'm not sure what year model this unit is but I know it was working before they relocated it. I've contacted Generac but was unable to acquire much info. They did tell me that the (0676800SRV) voltage regulator would work with this genset. I'm needing advice as always and I've yet to fail in my quest on repairs using information obtained and insight gained from this site.

Birken Vogt

This is probably an industrial unit and they keep the info under wraps. But they kept things mostly the same for a lot of years so if you come to a specific problem we can often help.