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Nelson Bros "Little Jumbo" Engine


Hi all, My buddy and I are having problems rebuilding a Little Jumbo and we're looking for someone who can post a few photographs of their engine to help us. We need a clear photo showing the correlation between the crank throw and the cam lobes, one showing the (Webster Tri-polar) ignition trip lever and one showing the exhaust rocker arm. Many thanks, Charles.


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What model of Little Jumbo? They made quite a few over the years, as well as selling the same casting sets to several other brands.

Post a few pictures of what your engine looks like and what you have so far, and someone who has a similar engine can probably provide pictures of the correct setup for the type of engine you are working with.

Denis Rouleau

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I'm told it's a Model P. Sadly no tag with the engine.
Normally the serial number and the model's "letter" is stamped on the face of one of the flywheels on all Nelson Bros. engines.
Check it out and tell us what you find.